12 Rounds Of Forever

I had enough training. I was ready.
My trainer took some severe beatings in his time.
Ex boxer, early retirement, he taught me the ropes.
I stepped in the ring, “keep your guard up” he urged.

Round 1
I analysed, I jabbed, I ducked.

Round 2
I analysed, I jabbed, I ducked.

Round 3
I analysed, I jabbed, I got hit.
“Guard up”

Round 4
I blocked, I jabbed, I hooked

Round 5
I jabbed, I hooked, I hit

Round 6
I hit, I hit, I hit
I saw the damage I caused.
“Do you want to throw in the towel? ” travelled from the opposite corner, met with a resilient “no”

Round 7
I hit, I hit, I got blocked

Round 8
I hit, I got blocked, I got blocked

Round 9
I got blocked, I got blocked, I got blocked
I’ve never been past the 9th round. Uncharted territory.

Round 10
I blocked, I blocked, I got hit

Round 11
I blocked, I got hit, I fell

Round 12
I rose, I got hit, I crumbled
I looked up at her from the canvas, my emotions battered. Her face dripping in tears. My fears shattered and her will stronger than ever. We only reached forever because of her.
The referee raised her hand aloft.
She had won the title.



How good were the good?

This is Huey P. Newton on an ego trip Did I ever take time out to fuck that bitch? This MLK after a few of the devil’s tips Did I ever miss a pep rally over a few henny sips? This is Mahatma Gandhi uncovered real … Continue reading How good were the good?



I sporadically read through my old posts, I did plan to write about myself at this current moment but my future self is telling my present self that it isn’t necessary to be reminded of past times such as this.

I honestly will never forget this day – I don’t remember the last day I said I will never forget, so until next time I guess…



You can be.
I would normally end that phrase with ‘anything you want to be’ but I didn’t want to stifle your vision.
There is no ceiling
Only a glass floor crafted by those highest
Shatter it. Throw down a ladder.
You must be so they can be.



Hello beautiful,

I just came to say that your flaws became my preference.
You look good tonight, God damn.

Yours Truly,


You, me and the Internet.

I’m tired of connecting through apps
I’m tired of waiting on ‘online’
I’m tired of last seen
I’m tired of opening your display picture

I’m tired.

I’m trying to connect with you
I’m trying to put my feelings on the line
I’m trying to see you first thing in the morning and last thing at night
I’m trying to open my eyes to your face

I’m tired of trying.

I’m willing to fight for the connection
I’m willing to put my emotions online
I’m willing to see how it goes
I’m willing to open up and bare all
I’m tired of trying but I’m willing.


Blacks vs The System

We didn’t even ask to be here

But we find ourselves in the trenches

No man’s land awaits us

We hop out the trenches

We run, we run, we run

Bullets whiz past

You make it to the enemy unscathed

We barely took a step

Some stayed in the trenches and called it home

The enemy welcomes you

You turn to your brothers and say “I made it through untouched, why can’t you?”

We run, we run, we run

We run, we die, we cry

We run.


I Wish You Could See What I See

I wish you could see what I see

Just for a day, just for a week

Everything you do is so on fleek (joke)

Your innocent eyes that make me weak

When your freckles hide but the sun comes to seek

I wish you could see what I see

Take my eyes, they’re here for you to lend

Bad skin day. Where?

Bad hair day. How?

Because when I see our future I spot no dead end

Do you see what I see?

Do you see the positivity?

Do you see the kind nature?

Do you see that little wrinkle in your nose when you wanna laugh but you’re mad?

Do you see the brains, strength and beauty?

Do you see you?