Death or Release?

Abstract Suicide Wallpaper__yvt2Suicide is a surreal concept. It’s hard to wrap your head around, there’s too many unanswered questions that come with the topic. Could it have been prevented? Why did they do it? How did they do it? What happens now? Are they selfish? and so on. But what really intrigues me about suicide is whether it’s wrong? Everyone and I mean literally everyone believes we control our own actions and destiny but the biggest action of all is frowned upon. I think most people assume everyone that has committed suicide probably regretted it during or after the fact (if there is an after). How do we know that is the case? The more I write this piece the more I realise that these questions will never be answered sufficiently.

A lot of people point to religion as a reason to why it’s wrong but let’s say there is no God, is suicide still wrong? The majority will still say yes due to the feelings of others, so let’s say the person has no friends or family, is suicide still wrong? At this point doubt should creep in your head because there is one thing that is undeniable about suicide, which is that it stops all pain and unhappiness that the person feels on earth, which could be just enough to validate it.


2 thoughts on “Death or Release?

  1. Really amazing and thought provoking post. I have always viewed suicide through religion as I an Muslim, and personally find it wrong due to the fact you are deciding your own end when god is responsible for that. But it was very refreshing to hear the other side of this very sensitive topic. Have you got other posts coming up?, I really enjoy reading them.

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