Liquid thoughts

As I sit here in my car with the rain hitting the windscreen at 1:55AM, it suddenly dawned on me that being alone is the biggest part of life. Right now I feel more alone than ever even though I only left my best friend half an hour ago. What is it about solitude that makes most of the human race run from it? I try to embrace my solitude but my thoughts drown out the positives and submerge it in a sea of negativity. My thoughts are somewhat like the raindrops falling around me, when enough of them fall they will join together and make a stream, this stream will most likely lead to a gutter where free fall is bound to happen. I can’t be left alone for too long, it’s not healthy for me or anyone else connected to me. I’ve been alone for the best part of 21 years and I think I’ve had enough. I would like my stream to flow with another stream and create an ocean of positivity and understanding. I need that



4 thoughts on “Liquid thoughts

  1. I’m already beginning to love how you think. 1:55am.. music playing.. looking up to see raindrops streaming down your windscreen and bam.. reflective mode switches on and you begin relating the raindrops to a particular mindset.

    So why do we fear solitude?
    The mind is powerful. Although we as human beings are designed for human interaction, sometimes the mind will yearn for solitude – a short term absence from human interaction. The therapeutic value of solitude – the time to replenish, switch off, think and gain perspective can be very attractive for a person who feels like their mind is always on the go.
    I feel like we fear solitude for that reason. We fear the addictive powers solitude may bring. Especially the hustle and bustle that comes with life – work, family, friends etc… Having the power to choose to have some alone time, and the way it makes you feel afterwards is what I think makes people run away from solitude – the fear that they become so warped into the idealism of stepping out for a while, that it may turn to loneliness. You begin to live in the mindset of loving the effects of solitude, that even when you’re in a social environment, your mind would much rather prefer to be in that ‘alone’ state.
    I too feel like too much time alone is not a good thing for the reasons you said. You begin to delve into a vicious cycle of negative thinking. But saying that, I also think that one of the ironies of solitude is that after it you sometimes appreciate the people connected to you. For that reason, making it easier for you to find someone whose stream, like you said, will flow into yours creating an ocean of positivity – a soulmate maybe?
    Just have to remember that too much of anything, even something as mundane as oxygen is dangerous.

    Solitude is healthy! So embrace it.. Just not too much of it 😀

  2. Hey I proper love this by the way, both the post and the last reply. Blogs should be a lot more like this. I definitely got the rawness out of the original post. Because it’s sooo raw its refreshing to see that there are still some empathetic people out there in the world, which is what that last reply proves…. raindrops couldn’t have made a better analogy by the way.

    Can’t lie, slightly relieved at how much sense the post and the last reply made. You two are obviously YOUNG and intelligent thinkers.

    Out of respect and appreciation I credit the blogger…. but the last replier can’t go amiss!
    Look forward to hearing from you (both).

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