The cub and lioness

cub lion

Loyalty so fierce that it scars the few I’ve blessed with it. I make no apologies for fighting battles that aren’t mine. What’s mine is yours after all. If I can provide strength during weak periods, then drain me until I can go on no more. I have no qualms about playing the villain, the bigger picture is motivation enough. When my claws weren’t developed and the hunter in me hadn’t penetrated my character, the truth was all I knew. I found solace in that. When you have no weapons available, use the truth, the truth never discriminates against age or experience. For the truth is more powerful than any scratch or bite and when I realised this, the cub became the lion. I prayed that I could erase my regrets but the pride I have in my actions extinguished these thoughts. My sacrifices made me a nomad but I have seen the mistakes made and those shall not be repeated in my pride. I now have all the weapons at my disposable but I still choose the truth because the truth hurts.


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