Kenneth VIII

No, there hasn’t been 7 Kenneths that have preceded me.

No, I haven’t killed any girls physically

Emotionally? I may be guilty

Made to think they was my Queen forever

Annulled after a weekend

Maybe half a year if you can hold my gaze

But the days too long and my attention span is too short

This wasn’t by design and no, I’m not proud

But I am King of my land and this is how I ruled

I’m sure the survivors are reading this and feeling like a statistic

Similar to an IC3 in HMP

But… you’re free.

The man you wanted was a disservice to yourself.

You’re free.

Before you ask if this is a confession of some sort

Let me answer so there’s no confusion

I made my own religion

I am head of the Church

The Pope, the pastor, the priest

I am Henry VIII.


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