How good were the good?

This is Huey P. Newton on an ego trip

Did I ever take time out to fuck that bitch?

This MLK after a few of the devil’s tips

Did I ever miss a pep rally over a few henny sips?

This is Mahatma Gandhi uncovered real quick

Why did I hate blacks from South African townships?

This is Nelson Mandela. RIP

Did I really murder innocent mothers and kids?

This is Winston Churchill on the dawn of war

I hate blacks and Indians but I hate Germans more!

This is you, your mother, your cousins and me

I wonder how good we could really be.

How good were the good?


2 thoughts on “How good were the good?

  1. Everyone has an upbringing, therefore everyone has a set of habits that derives from that. (Yes, hate can be a habit) Whether it be alcoholism, racism or whatever – You’ve got to remember people are human. They can’t think outside their own personality box. Yes, you can realise you have flaws, but changing them is another matter. And there’s the other aspect within this where some people don’t even realise their flaws because they acknowledge their flaws as a good thing. ANYWHO, I don’t know where I’m going wit this, tbh I’ve forgotten BUT all these people had their own path of what they felt needed to be done and they done it.

    1. I don’t agree with the statement that “They can’t think outside their personality box”. The natural course for blacks in MLK’s era was to harbour resentments towards whites. If MLK didn’t think outside his personality box then he sure as hell helped others think outside of theirs. Habits can be broken. ANYWHO, the point was more so about perspective rather than vilifying anyone.

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