The Cycle

“He cheated and left me”

Tell him he’s a whore and nothing more.

Fuck whoever it was with, whether it was 1, 2, 3 or 4.

He ain’t a man anymore, send a text, let him know the score.

Get pissed with your mates, grab a lad, whoever you’re fiending for.

Take him back to your flat and end up on all fours,

get to know him before you show him the door,

realise you got more in common than you accounted for.

Now what?

He’s already had all of you?

He can’t crave more?

What if I told you your worth isn’t between your legs?

Your mind is the real tour.

If worthy, let him explore.

Tell him your fears and dreams.

Tell him how far left you are.

Tell him about your love for Lenin, Marx, Nietzsche.

Just hope he’s not a cheater, in body or mind.


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