Don’t let happiness become a stranger.

At what stage do you try to reconnect with happiness?

You chose your A-levels for your mum.

You chose your uni for your dad.

You chose that dress for him.

Don’t let happiness become a stranger.

You smoked that cigarette for them.

You chose that job for money.

You chose that hairstyle for society.

Don’t let happiness become a stranger.

You stayed with him for happiness?

You forgave your friend for happiness?

You went against your morals for happiness?

At this stage happiness is a stranger to you.

As much as the colour of the ocean is to a blind man.


You’re not familiar with happiness, don’t confuse it with familiarity.

It doesn’t come close, nowhere near parity.

Be unapologetic about your race, your faith, your sexuality.

Don’t let happiness become a stranger.


Right girl, wrong time

Made my darkness turn bright
Cliché to say.

Right girl, wrong time

But your yellow skin lights up easier than paraffin
Conversation flows like we just met but we’re hours in.

Right girl, wrong time

Time flies with you so hypothetically I should grow quicker
Turns out I’m stagnant, I see your flame flicker
Wax melts, time on the ticker
Everyone’s saying “pick her”.

Right girl, wrong time

“Right girl, wrong time. Right girl, wrong time”
If I say it enough I might just believe it

Kenneth VIII

No, there hasn’t been 7 Kenneths that have preceded me.

No, I haven’t killed any girls physically

Emotionally? I may be guilty

Made to think they was my Queen forever

Annulled after a weekend

Maybe half a year if you can hold my gaze

But the days too long and my attention span is too short

This wasn’t by design and no, I’m not proud

But I am King of my land and this is how I ruled

I’m sure the survivors are reading this and feeling like a statistic

Similar to an IC3 in HMP

But… you’re free.

The man you wanted was a disservice to yourself.

You’re free.

Before you ask if this is a confession of some sort

Let me answer so there’s no confusion

I made my own religion

I am head of the Church

The Pope, the pastor, the priest

I am Henry VIII.