You write until the pain in your fingers resembles the ache in your heart. At what stage does physical pain drown out the mental? Does it ever? For something so silent, pain from within is awfully loud. Makeup, smiles and confidence have all been popular masks but sometimes pain is beauty. What’s more beautiful than seeing the flaws but knowing that the potential is greater? We’re all hurting. Take off the mask and let the cracks show. See who is there to help you fill them in and embrace them.


Do what makes you happy…


Career paths to choose, mortgages to think of, girls you don’t want to speak to, boys you want to fight…

Do what makes you happy…

But when the consequences outweigh the happiness

How do you choose this option?

When you’re so down that the end seems like happiness, does ‘do what makes you happy’ still hold relevance?

When you’re so sad that happiness seems like a distant relative, their face unknown but will bump into you occasionally just to say “I remember you” …How do you recognise happiness?

When that relative tells you that they remember you when you was little but all I can think is that I haven’t seen you lately. You’ve been missing from my life like my dad but is it you?

When sadness is your normal state, it’s a bit far fetched to pray for happiness. Emptiness is the new happy as white is the new black but black never fades, when the chips are down bet on black but is the option even there?

So in the end we pray that happiness prevails through our actions and mistakes because it seems like it’s luck of the draw. So instead of my own, I pray for my mother’s happiness and hope she feels pain no more.

I think this makes me happy…

I think…

Do what makes you happy.

The start of the start after the end


By me about me, you or anything. Life in general. No rules or regulations. Not limited to anything. I’ll use this to express myself, I don’t know how consistent I will be though.

My first proper post will be later today titled ‘Do what makes you happy...’

Thanks in advance